Anti-aircraft missile system "Circle"


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Anti-aircraft missile system

"the Circle" is antiaircraft-a rocket complex (GRAU index — 2К11, according to NATO classification — SA-4 Ganef), one of the first wax complexes of air defense medium-range missiles. Read more at Federal news Agency.

In 1950 the USSR spent enormous resources on the development of the stationary missile systems facility air defense. Gradually, however, the idea to use a rocket technique and for direct cover of troops.

To explore this possibility in 1956-1958 launched projects in the so-called "Theme 2" and "Topic 3", and was launched ROC "Circle". The result became the mobile missile complex designed for the needs of air defense of ground troops.

Test anti-missile system began in late 1959 and was accompanied by a major percentage of failures. The problems continued until June 1964. 3 Feb 1965, anti-aircraft missile system "Circle" was adopted by the air defense of ground troops.

"the Circle" consisted of the station missile guidance 1С32, station target detection 1С12, self-propelled launcher 2П24 with two missiles 3М8 and transport-charging machines 2Т6.

In addition, the staff unit was SAM anti-aircraft missile battalions of three batteries (three launchers and one guidance station in each). These machines worked on the crawler with high traffic, as it was the main requirement for support of troop columns on the March.

the Circle was improved. So, in 1967, a version 2К11А "Circle-A", which had the opportunity to work on air targets running at low altitude. In 1971 and 1974, was adopted revamped versions of "Round-M" and "Krug-M1".

anti-aircraft missile system "Circle" simultaneously fired at one target with one missile.

The maximum speed of the targeted objectives is 800 meters per second (1000 meters per second at the "Krug-M1). The probability of hitting one rocket of a modern complex tactical fighter (F-4CPhantom I. I. or F-105D Thunderchief) was 70 percent.


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