New virus attacked computers using Word documents


2017-11-14 10:00:18




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New virus attacked computers using Word documents

Moscow, November 14. Experts on cyber security have discovered a new virus that can infect any device without macros.

As it became known, hackers use the mechanism of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), which allows you to use Word files in order to execute code hidden in another file.

the Scheme is simple: a user opens a document, the file will connect to a remote server, then installs on the computer the first part of the virus. In this case no protective programs do not work.

After the wide dissemination of news about the new possibilities of hacking, Microsoft has published data about how users of Office to protect yourself from hackers.

the easiest way to avoid danger is to be as careful with the messages that pop up when you open the document in the program.

the Download of the virus usually begins after a user twice will answer "Yes."

it is Noted that advanced PC users can change the settings in the Windows registry and disable the automatic update of data file transfers .


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