Roscosmos will be put into orbit communication satellites "Arktika"


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Roscosmos will be put into orbit communication satellites

Moscow, November 14. 2025 Russia plans to launch five new satellites sensing, which will be part of the orbital group of "Arctic". This was announced at a conference devoted to modern problems of remote sensing of the Earth Semirechie Department of Roscosmos Valery zaichko.

the Satellites of the series "Arctic" will run from 2019 and will operate in highly elliptical orbits. Multipurpose space system will provide the problem of communication, operational meteorology, hydrology, climate monitoring and environmental pollution in the Arctic zone. In addition, the satellites "Arktika-M" will provide the Russian Arctic reliable communication and telecommunication services, said .

Recall that in recent years Russia has stepped up a program of Arctic exploration, which was forgotten through the 1990s and most of 2000s years.

Again conducted the exploration work offshore the Arctic coast. For the last time, were discovered several new Islands and conducted a large-scale study of the fauna of the Arctic shelf zone. The most important projects were the development of the Northern sea route and the liquefied natural gas terminal (LNG) in Sabetta.

in Parallel, the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation conducted a large-scale work on elimination of contaminants left in the Arctic by the Soviet Union and the development of the defense potential of Russia in the Arctic — in cooperation with Rostec has created new types of machinery, equipment and weapons for Arctic work began to build a large strong points of troops and airfields VC of the Russian Federation in the Arctic circle.


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