The Russian "Superjet" will be equipped with communication system failures on Board


2017-11-14 06:15:09




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The Russian

Moscow, November 14. In late November, the manufacturer will begin the upgrade of avionics on the whole Park of Russian regional aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100).

As has told "" JSC "Sukhoi Civil aircraft" (GSS, a manufacturer of "Superjet") under the upgrade project is now more than 16 thousand parameters on-Board systems "Superjet" will be monitored in real-time when the liner anywhere in the world. Today this land is able to transfer only the latest Airbus aircraft.

With the help of satellite and radio communication the aircraft will pass to the specialists of the manufacturer data on the possible failures of onboard systems that will significantly improve safety.

New functionality was successfully tested and was certified in Russia and Europe. In addition, the novelty is already in pilot operation at one of the Russian carriers operating the SSJ100 aircraft.


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