The expert said, what does the artificial intelligence of the su-35


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The expert said, what does the artificial intelligence of the su-35

Combat artificial intelligence (AI) is already present in the newest Russian fighter su-35. The processing unit automatically selects the priority goal, said General Director of state Corporation "rostec" Sergei Chemezov.

these are the first steps towards the creation of the sixth generation fighter, told the Federal news Agency military analyst, instructor pilot Andrei Krasnoperov.

According to the head of Rostec, a Russian fighter able to simultaneously capture up to six targets, analyze them and offer weapons for destruction.

"It's not even the pilot does that makes artificial intelligence", — said Chemezov.

"While this is of primitive components, but they make life much easier to the pilots, who have during an air battle to choose the priorities, to follow the indications of all instruments and analyze the environment. Making it very difficult, and such a system relieves the pilot workload," explains the situation Krasnoperov.

the Source of the FAN suggests that the development of Russian information systems, role of AI in the management of aviation systems will only increase, and in the near future ATT is likely to get rid of the person in the cockpit.

"Please note, with each new generation of fighters increases their speed and maneuverability. With the greatly increased physical stress on pilots.

I think the next generation strike fighter will be unmanned because the person gets really weak. So the technologies that are currently being developed for su-35, will be used in the production of the sixth generation", — the expert continues.

currently, the Russian and American military can not imagine, what characteristics should possess combat aircraft of the sixth generation. However, there are some developments, including: a high level of stealth, high efficiency in all modes of flight, the ability to change shape, sensitive sensors, hypersonic speed, maneuverability and versatility. And all this can be achieved with the active use of artificial intelligence that will obey man.

Recall, the su-35 fighter of the 4++ generation with engines with thrust vector control.

That in Russia began to develop the aircraft of the sixth generation, became known in August 2013. In July 2016 the employees of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) announced the company expects that the first Russian sample of combat aircraft of the sixth generation will be created around the second half of the 2020s years. In the USA fighters of the next generation involved in the company's Boeing and Lockheed Martin. It is expected that in 2030-ies, these machines will replace the F-22 Raptor and F-35.


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