The US is preparing the fighter-bomber F-35 to war with Russia and China


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The US is preparing the fighter-bomber F-35 to war with Russia and China

the U.S. air force tested the F-35 under the open sky and in the simulation mode for the execution of combat tasks and the confrontation of the best of Chinese and Russian air defense technology in preparation for the threats expected in the middle of the 2020-ies and later.

Federal news Agency is a translation of the article "the US is preparing the F-35 to counter Russian and Chinese air defense" (the F-35 Trains Against Russian & Chinese Air Defenses), published 11 November in the edition of the Scout. The author is Warrior Scout ("Scout").

Testing is aimed at eliminating the threat of the most modern air defense systems like Russian systems are also taken into account the potential threats of the next generation, according to the U.S. air force.

the Official representatives of the U.S.

air force explained that in 2001 the threats were mostly European orientation is the Russian system is the SA-10 or SA-20. Now a potential threat include not only Russian but also Chinese and Asian system.

the command of the U.S. air force explained that the Russian and Chinese digital anti-aircraft missiles can change frequency and easy to adapt to different circumstances.

the Threat of ground-based air defense is a serious problem, because modern systems can detect aircraft hundreds of miles away.

furthermore, the latest modern and future integrated air defense systems use a faster computer processors, better sync with each other and use a wider range of frequencies. All this, combined with the ability to detect aircraft at long distances makes air defense is capable of detecting even stealth aircraft, sometimes with the aid of radar surveillance.

Russian media recently said that stealth technology is useless against Russian air defense.

Russian s-300 and s-400 are among the best in the world; in addition, The National Interest reported that Russia currently is working on a system s-500, capable of destroying even the goal of"invisible" at a distance of 200 km.

while the U.S. air force aimed at preparing for unlikely contingencies, potential interaction with such powerful rivals like Russia or China, those involved in planning, recognize that it is much more concerned with how to resist the enemy that has acquired the technology of air defense the Russians or the Chinese. Developers from the United States air force emphasize that, although there will hardly be any conflict with any particular country, the us army must be prepared for any unforeseen situations.

to prepare for the confrontation to new challenges in the framework that the command of American aviation, calls the tests "under the open sky", is to check how F-35 can withstand the best of today's and future defenses. While in the USAF recognizes that, when it comes to high-tech fast-developing future threats, much remains to be done.

It is here that modeling and simulation play a huge role in the preparation, as noted by the developers.

In simulation will prepare F-22 airbase, Langly, Virginia, and F-35 from Nellis air force base, Nevada.

the Pilot of the F-35 can use the AESA to identify enemy air defenses and leave him. The system also gives the aircraft the capabilities of electronic warfare.

Some ideas for the modernization of the F-35 is the development of systems that can be upgraded with new software as threats change.

if the F-35 will not be able to completely avoid ground-based air defense systems, fighter can use his speed, agility and skills of air combat to protect against weapons aimed in his direction.

Designed to fly above the speed of 1770 kilometers per hour and capable of reaching speeds of 1.6 Mach numbers, this multi-role fighter-bomber should be as fast and maneuverable as an F-15 or F-16. While the F-35 has a number of additional features and abilities.

overall, the US air force plans to buy 1763 multi-purpose fighter-bombers F-35A. This, ultimately, will be a very large percentage of the entire fleet of fighter jets.

Currently in the service of the United States air force has at least 83 aircraft F-35A.


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