iPhone 6S Plus fell sharply in Russia


2017-11-13 14:30:26




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iPhone 6S Plus fell sharply in Russia

Moscow, November 13. iPhone 6S Plus fell sharply in Russia: the gadget at the moment can be purchased for around 30 thousand rubles.

the Recall, originally the iPhone 6S Plus in Russia reached 60 thousand rubles. However, the release of new products — the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X — brought down the price of the already outdated model. Experts note that such a sharp reduction in the cost iPhone 6 Plus is due to the increased demand for new models.

it is Noted that the iPhone 6S Plus memory 32 and 128 GB can be purchased now for 37,4 thousand and 40 thousand respectively. A smartphone with 16 GB memory and all can be purchased 29.7 thousand rubles, reports .

For comparison, the iPhone X at the present time in Russia up to 92 thousand rubles.

And the minimum price is 82 thousand rubles.


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