"Kaspersky lab" has responded to claims by the US authorities


2017-09-14 12:45:14




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Moscow, September 13. Russian software developer "Kaspersky Lab" expressed confidence that the results of the investigation, the U.S. government will come to the conclusion about the innocence of employees of the Laboratory to the authorities of the Russian Federation.

the press service of the company said that "the accusations against the "virus" is based on false and inaccurate data."

As reported , the company intends to continue to cooperate with the Ministry of internal security of the United States because of "Kaspersky Lab" believe that the investigation will confirm the groundlessness of the accusations.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. Senate intends to ban the use of anti-virus programs of the Russian "Kaspersky Lab" in state institutions.

In U.S. DHS, believe that the Russian company is "and can be used for hacking".


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