A very optimistic version — academician of human flight to Mars in 20 years


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A very optimistic version — academician of human flight to Mars in 20 years

the First manned flight to Mars could take place in the next 20 years. This was reported responsible for the scientific mission, the associate Director of NASA Thomas Zurbuchen. But such a period is too optimistic, we need more time, he told the Federal news Agency academician of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after K. E.

Tsiolkovsky (RAKTs) Alexander iron ores.

"it's possible that over the next 20 years we will be able to send people to Mars. Probably, it will happen in 2030-ies," — said Zurbuchen, explaining that the time will primarily depend on the budget of the space Agency.

By the way, for the successful implementation of the space mission to NASA engineers will need to solve several technical problems, for example, to create a faster and more maneuverable space vehicles and Aero engines.

"the main limitation is that we still continue to fly on chemical engines, which allow us to develop more speed and, accordingly, to fly much further than we are doing now. Until you have created a new system, shortening the terms of such expeditions, they (the expedition) and will be delayed for decades. Mission to Mars, according to the most optimistic estimates, is 1.5 years.

And to provide the astronauts with everything necessary in this mission, you need large ships, equipped with systems of protection against cosmic radiation. Roughly speaking, we need a heavy court, which still exist only in science fiction novels and films" — explains the situation expert.

in addition, in upcoming expeditions, the first colonists of Mars will require a completely new and highly reliable life support systems that will be able to run without prompt human intervention. It is unlikely in the case of emergency situation, the astronauts will be able to quickly send them in for repair.

"And to build such ships should not occur on Earth and in orbit, because their mass is very large. But to raise them from the Ground, you need heavy missiles to bring into orbit 100-130 tons.

By the way, for a flight to Mars will require a spacecraft much larger. According to experts of NASA, it would take 20 years, but I think that the term is still very optimistic scenario. Most likely, it will take not 20 but at least 30 years," continues the Russian academician.

However, NASA's study of Mars are considered "strategically important." In particular, you will need to deliver to Earth samples of soil from various parts of the red planet. In 2020, the us Agency intends to launch Mars Exploration Rover, which will prepare samples on the basis of which we would like to more accurately know whether the planet is inhabited.

"In human nature there is a desire to expand the area of their habitat.

Once we opened new lands and not only to find the gold or any other minerals. We did it just for fun. Similarly, we explore the space: first, we study it, open new land to meet their needs in knowledge, ambitions, well then it all comes to practice. Recall, orbit — first we launched the research system, developing the technology of space flight, and now this orbit works for us.

It provides mankind with navigation, television and images the earth's surface. So first, on Mars we'll just satisfy your curiosity, and then we think, than it can be useful to us," concluded Alexander Zheleznyakov.

in addition to the flight to Mars, one of the main goals of NASA will be the study of Jupiter's moon Europa and explore the Universe with orbiting James Webb telescope, scheduled for launch in 2018.


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