On the crest of a wave: the expert said, which would lead to the study of cryptocurrencies in the Russian universities


2017-09-13 13:15:10




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On the crest of a wave: the expert said, which would lead to the study of cryptocurrencies in the Russian universities

In the new academic year students of a number of Russian state universities will begin to explore topics of blockchain and cryptocurrency in special courses and master classes. It is known that the issues of innovative financial technologies will be studied in the Higher school of Economics, Moscow state University, MISIS, MIPT and St. Petersburg state economic University. The principles of the blockchain and cryptocurrency will be studied in the framework of a basic higher education programs and in the master's programs.

Considering the nature of universities, which will be taught new courses, not difficult to see that in the framework of the Russian education system first with new technologies to get acquainted the representatives of the managerial and financial professions.

Soon, suggests Vladimir Ulyanov, head of the analytical center Zecurion, a specialist in the field of cryptocurrencies and cyber security, to be followed by the technicians.

"This is a relevant and timely solution. Moreover, I will say this: it would be better that such training courses and master-classes appeared in Russian universities not only in the economic field, but also for "techies". Why? All the same blockchain technology that lies at the basis of all cryptocurrencies, is really a technology and is very promising. It can be used not only to create financial instruments, but also for the development of many other industries.

Because the study of blockchains and its capabilities necessary for current students who will become tomorrow's technical experts will create new technologies", — the expert said in an interview with Federal news Agency.

most Likely, courses technology of the blockchain will be based on the Russian technical universities in the next two or three years. In-depth teaching of such programs and master classes at the Russian educational institutions it is possible. "Of course, such courses will appear. We must understand that those courses that have now appeared or will soon appear for managers and economists, designed in General for people who nothing about these technologies I do not know.

But if we are talking about the "techies", they are usually found on the crest of a wave of interest in new technologies," explains the analyst Zecurion.

"most of them, "geeks" are already studying the principles of cryptocurrencies themselves: especially now that in Russia the mass available offline workshops and online webinars on the subject. Plus, of course, on the topic of the blockchain has a lot of information on the Internet. If a man is interested, he can understand the subject without the training courses included in the program of higher education. However, if such courses will appear in our universities, this can only be welcomed", — sums up Vladimir Ulyanov.


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