NASA scientists said that the first man to fly to Mars


2017-09-13 12:00:24




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NASA scientists said that the first man to fly to Mars

Geneva, September 13. the First manned expedition to Mars will take place, likely within the next 20 years. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Swiss newspaper Blick assistant Director of NASA Thomas Zurbuchen. Time, he explained, strongly depend on the NASA budget and partners of the American space Agency.

"it's possible that over the next 20 years we will be able to send people to Mars, — said the Deputy Director of NASA, the proviso that you need to resolve a number of technical problems. — We are still too slow.

We must develop a much faster missiles."

At the same time for the flight to Mars will need much more efficient and reliable life support system, because for several years the ship is completely cut off from the Earth and helping to be nowhere.

Among other projects, NASA Thomas Zurbuchen called dispatch in the 2020 Mars Exploration Rover launch in 2018 space telescope James Webb and projects explore Europe, ice-covered satellites of Jupiter.


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