Biologists accidentally discovered why cancer cells are very aggressive


2017-01-29 12:30:07




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Biologists accidentally discovered why cancer cells are very aggressive

new York, January 29. American biologists from Yale University solved the mystery of the extreme aggressiveness of cancer cells that can spread from the affected area around the body, and so that the way and the principle of their distribution could not be determined. As it turned out, the cancer cells find a way to merge with cells of the immune system, and then begin to spread throughout the body and are not perceived as the threat.

up To 90% of deaths cause cancer spreading metastases and relatively recently, scientists believed that the process of metastasis occurs randomly. An explanation of how they arise, biologist John Pawelek from the University of Colorado found by accident: exploring the development of skin cancer in a patient, "catch" cancer after bone marrow transplantation, the scientists found that these cancer cells are "chimeras" — their genome consisted of half of the DNA of the patient and half the DNA of the bone marrow donor. Turned cells similar to lymphocytes, but not spreading and multiplying like a cancer.

"Now, we need to understand how actually is this process of merging, according to Pavelek.

— It seems to us, there are many stages and each one can choose the key to be broken".


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