NASA engineers have created a paint that reacts to air pressure


2017-01-29 07:15:03




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NASA engineers have created a paint that reacts to air pressure

Washington, January 29. To study the impact of turbulent air flow on the rocket experts at the American space Agency NASA has developed a special paint, which is covered with models of missiles during tests in the wind tunnel.

it is Quite obvious that a space rocket in the dense layers of earth's atmosphere is gaining immense speed and collides with the oncoming pressure of the air flow. The aim of the tests conducted in the NASA research center Ames, is the study of vibrations that can occur as a result of the impact of air flow on the hull of the flying missiles. High-tech paint allows real-time tracking changes in pressure and accordingly to assess the risks arising from vibration.

Based on observations obtained during the tests using this ink, NASA engineers modified the form of missiles to achieve better aerodynamics.

The results are sometimes unusual — so, it turned out that the rocket, whose shape is like a mushroom with a long hat, has better aerodynamics compared to standard forms of missiles.


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