Human health may depend on gene neighbors


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Human health may depend on gene neighbors

Washington, January 27. On a person's health, his habits and even weight can have a serious impact genes are neighbors. This is stated in the published in the journal PLoS Genetics, the study of a group of scientists from the United States.

an Unusual change in the properties of the organism due to the genetic characteristics of close neighbors noted in laboratory animals. According to scientists, are placed in the same cage rats adopt each other's traits that was previously considered genetically determined. We are talking about the 40 characteristics of an organism, including such important as the rate of wound healing, level of anxiety and even weight.

the study researchers found that the severity of most of these traits at least 10% compared to the neighbor's rodent in a cage.

While relevant to the immune system properties of the organism depend on a neighbor to 30%, says the electronic edition "".

Based on the results of the study, the scientists advise people to carefully choose their neighbors, because their genetic characteristics can have a significant impact on health.


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