Russian scientists have found a way to destroy cancer stem cells


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Russian scientists have found a way to destroy cancer stem cells

Novosibirsk, January 28. a Group of scientists of the Institute of Cytology and genetics, Siberian branch of the RAS reveal unique properties of the cells, opening new perspectives in the treatment of cancer, reports a press-service of the Institute.

the report stresses that one of the most important discoveries for the treatment of cancer, is the discovery of cancer stem cells that was made in 1991. "As a result of their study, the researchers came to the conclusion that any malignant neoplasm (neoplasia) develops from a single cell. By themselves they constitute only a small population of tumor cells.

However, being true stem cells, they (and only they) are capable of unlimited number of divisions and the permanent self-reproduction," — said in the Institute.

with this process, scientists have linked the mechanism of tumor metastasis and sudden recurrences.

a Group of scientists headed by the head of the laboratory-induced cellular processes d.b.N. Sergey Bogachev found in cancer stem cells have a unique property: they were able to capture extraclean DNA fragments.

Thanks to the specialists were able to mark cancer stem cells: a DNA probe was introduced fluorochromes specific dye. Because of this, the cells lit up in red.

This will help track the effectiveness of the treatment: whether all cancer cells are destroyed.

"the New strategy of treatment based on discovered natural mechanism of absorption by the cells of the DNA fragments can be applicable to most varieties of cancerous tumors," said scientists.


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