Scientists: Russian herpes vaccine wins


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Scientists: Russian herpes vaccine wins

Developed by Russian scientists, the vaccine wins the herpes virus in 86 cases out of 100. Details in the material correspondent of the Federal news Agency.

recently in the Internet appeared the message about the ineffectiveness of the vaccine against herpes. To clarify the situation we asked the chief consultant of the Center for the treatment of dysbiosis, allergies and immunodeficiencies Tatiana Horoshevo.

"Before in Russia there were two vaccines against herpes: "Herpevac" produced the Petersburg manufacturer "Witherfang" — Moscow. The first was made on the cells of chicken fibroblasts, "Witherfang" in Vero cells (B).

Currently, only one vaccine — Moscow. Today "Waterpower" — the world's only vaccine to vaccinate cultures, Vero cells (B), permitted by the world health organization and approved by the world practice. Even in the most severe cases, the lesions herpes its efficiency is at least 86%," — said Tatiana Khorosheva.

As the expert explained, the drug is a lyophilisate for preparation of solution for intradermal injection. It contains specific inactivated antigens of herpes simplex virus type I and II.

When a person is administered a vaccine, it produces anti-viral immunity and improves overall immunity.

However, once it is possible to vaccinate only patients with mild forms of the disease (this is when relapses occur less than once in six months). In severe forms of herpetic infections is first assigned to a restorative treatment for one month and only after this is vaccination. And if this is not done, then the vaccine will be less ineffective.

"to Vaccinate a man with a deep immunodeficiency is impossible. Such patients mandatory assigned treatment with probiotics of the normal flora of man, because of normoflora synthesizes the immune system.

After a month's course of restorative medicines we vaccinate the patient four times over one and a half to two years. In 86 cases out of 100 herpes possible to win, but the other 14% of patients as markedly improved — relapses occur less often, are shorter in time and better tolerated," said Tatiana Khorosheva.

the expert said that in her practice there were cases when it was administered to patients probiotics and tonic, and the herpes disappeared before vaccination is not even reached.


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