Videoconferencing will replace all light fighters MiG-35: the expert explains the causes


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Videoconferencing will replace all light fighters MiG-35: the expert explains the causes

aerospace forces of the Russian Federation is planning to replace all its fleet of light fighters to the latest MiG-35. "We will take care of the aircraft. We will change the entire light fighter aircraft on this class" — said today the head of VKS RF Viktor Bondarev at the presentation of the MiG-35 in the suburban Bulbs.

In the near future, videoconferencing will purchase 30 new MiG-35. To upgrade the entire fleet would require approximately 170 of these light fighters.

Over time, added Bondarev, even well-known aviation group "Swifts" will fly on them.

Victor murakhovski, a military expert, chief editor of the magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland", gave the Federal news Agency your prediction about the future of the MiG-35

"of Course, is to change all light fighters FSI Russian MiG 35 is still in the plans. More or less confidently it is possible to speak only about what will be purchased 30 fighters. We'll see in what form will be adopted by the state armaments program until 2025. Now she is just being formed.

She will be prepared this year and will start functioning from the next," — said Viktor murakhovski.

basically, the idea is to update the fleet of light fighters due to the new MiG-35 plays into the hands of that of the lightest fighter is now in service with the Russian army not so much.

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"with regard to the quantitative ratios of light and heavy fighters VKS RF, traditionally this figure was even 70% to 30%. 70% — lightweight fighters, and 30% heavy. However, now — after the entry into force of the state armaments program from 2011 — the relationship is reversed. In our Air and space forces is the basic rate on so-called heavy fighters.

After the entry into force of the following weapons, I think, the situation does not change much. Heavy fighter is a family of su-30, su-35 and promising T-50", — says military expert.

of Course, the MiG-35 is not a completely new plane. In fact, in aerodynamic terms it is not much different from its predecessor, the MiG-29. "Meanwhile, it drastically updated avionics and nomenclature aircraft weapons.

Also upgraded engines, increased fuel reserves, and hence the range. This fighter has retained this inherent series MiG property as maneuverability. It is believed that in the middle of the air battle, he is superior to all other aircraft of the same class (generation 4++ fighters — approx. FAN).

It is also clear that the MiG-35 is cheaper than heavy fighters, but its functionality and capabilities is sufficient for the solution of standard tasks on the tactical and tactical-operational level. Therefore, I think that the prospect of it is quite good. However, the quantitative nature of the anticipated procurement is impossible to say anything for sure until the rearmament programme will not be approved and signed by the President," — concludes Victor murakhovski.


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