Star wars, the phantom menace: the US itself has driven its companions into the trap


2017-01-27 10:30:20




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Star wars, the phantom menace: the US itself has driven its companions into the trap

the Pentagon is in a panic: Russia develops new anti-satellite weapons, threatens the United States. This statement was made by the head of strategic command of the Armed forces of the U.S. General John Khayten, who warned that the Russian military are developing weapons against U.S. satellites.

"Russia is seriously considering military capabilities, including laser weapons that could threaten our satellites", — quotes the words of General press-service of the Ministry of defense.

Khayten suggested strategic command of the armed forces of the United States to be more active in the policy of containing Russia in this region.

"In the near future Russia and China will be able to threaten any of our cosmic system. We need to prevent it, and the best way to prevent war is to be ready for it. USA will do so. We are ready for war," said Khayten.

What is the "star wars" in the modern sense, Federal news Agency explained the politician and the scientist, the ex-Deputy of the state Duma, the head of the Center Voyenno-political researches, Dr.

of historical Sciences, Professor of MGIMO Alexey Podberezkin, who for several decades engaged in issues of national security.


missiles air-to-air to hypersonic

"the Theme of "star wars" is not new to anxiety, this problem exists already more than 20 years, — said Alexey Podberezkin. — In the Soviet Union and Russia, and the United States developed a system that was intended to destroy satellites, which is totally understandable, because military space activities ensures the effectiveness of modern armed forces. Such tests took place the Americans on the basis of the F-15 and the us on the basis of certain types of aircraft. And what is now work of this kind conducted in the United States — it's no secret they should be, otherwise you may face an unpleasant surprise".

According to Professor Podberezkin, in the Soviet time the most advanced developments of this kind was to attempt to equip fighter with missiles air-air to the fighter could come out on the big, over 20 km altitude and from there to attack satellites.

However, the source said the FAN, it should be emphasized that the work that has been conducted previously on anti-satellite weapons, and those systems that were created in the USSR and the USA were not very promising, which led to the fact that they were deemed ineffective and have refused them.

"And all later surveys, so-called laser and others — it's all prospective studies, which relate to objective difficulties, — said the scientist.

— But now, of course, technology is evolving quickly. In the near future we expect the appearance of hypersonic weapons in Russia, and the United States. On it now are hard at work. But hypersound is, in fact, hot plasma, which sweeps from the 6-9 speed of sound.

This is also a very promising direction. There are many ways in order to provide excellence and in near and far space. Because of the fact that there are already in space orbit, assures early warning system for nuclear attack, and this communication, this observation is a definition of coordinates and much more. Something without which the armed forces are now blind and deaf."


a New hope

According to Alexei Podberezkin, a ban on such weapons at present no, although the Soviet Union and Russia has always opposed the flood outer space with weapons.

"Our position is that we need to ban all military activities in space associated with the appearance of weapons there.

This means that when making appropriate arrangements ASAT weapons would be prohibited there, — said the expert. — Such attempts and initiatives were undertaken by the Soviet Union, but the results were not. While there is only the understanding that you can not orbit weapons, but this does not mean that this understanding introduces a strict ban. There are, for example, satellites equipped with nuclear reactors, it is also essentially a nuclear weapon".

According to experts, the United States, in fact, sparked a new round of training for star wars, launching a missile defense system.

"It is the development of missile defence in the US has a recent time gave impetus to new research in this area.

The systems that are now deployed in the United States, certainly give the potential for the creation of space weapons. It should be noted that the existing agreements do not forbid to place such weapons in near space, with the exception of nuclear weapons. Although Russia and China in 2008 proposed to conclude a Treaty on the prohibition of the emplacement of anti-satellite weapons and the use of any weapons against the satellite sites. It is important that our initiative did not receive support in the US, although, objectively speaking, it's most needed by Americans, because 60% of all satellites belong to the United States," — said Alexey Podberezkin.


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