Experts tell how to protect data from cyberhawks


2017-01-27 10:30:06




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Experts tell how to protect data from cyberhawks

Moscow, January 27. Experts told of how web users can protect their data from cyberhawks.

Head of anti-fraud information security center of the company "infosistemy Dzhet" Alexey Sizov has noticed that there are new types of online fraud. He stressed that the victims of cyberhawks may become Bank customers, and the owners personal offices of payment services.

"it is Interesting that at the time the extension is installed, may not have malicious functions, — quoted by his newspaper. — It can work properly from time to time, and then with the next update begins to attack customers".

Experts have sounded simple rules that will help to secure your data. It is necessary to use only legal do the needed extensions downloaded from the official store of the browser extensions.

In addition, you should monitor the list of installed extensions: there may be a "left" thing.

Earlier it was reported that the monthly victims


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