Scientists created a hybrid of pigs and humans will save humanity from diabetes


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Scientists created a hybrid of pigs and humans will save humanity from diabetes

Los Angeles, January 27. Scientists from the United States were the first to create a hybrid organism that combines human cells and pigs. The result of this experiment to date was the most successful way to receive donor organs for sick people from animals.

the results of the experiment carried out by a group of scientists under the leadership of Juan-Carlos Belmonte Izpisua from California, published the journal Cell.

In the experiment, the experts put human stem cells in a pig embryo. And then put the embryo in the sow and allowed it to develop naturally. As a result of human cells in the embryo is transformed into fabric that form internal organs like the heart, liver and even neurons.

according to the newspaper Washington Post, a hybrid of man and pig dubbed "Chimera" in honor of a mythical creature with a lion's head, goat's body and snake's tail.

Earlier, the international team of researchers reported that organs for transplant can be grown in chimeric embryos, which are part of mice and rats. The researchers said that they could grow a pancreas of the mouse inside of a rat embryo, and then migrate the insulin-secreting tissue of this organ in mice with diabetes without causing immune response.

Scientists hope that one day doctors will be able to grow human tissues using chimeric embryos in farm animals, allowing sick people to wait for years for organ transplants.

according to the publication, the technique of growing organs "chimeras" has caused debate regarding the ethics of its application. In 2015, the US authorities had imposed a moratorium on the funding of some research "chimeras" of man and animal. It is noted that the California study was conducted in the Salk Institute without the use of means of the Federal budget.

According to the U.S. Department of health, around 22 people die each day waiting for organ transplants.


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