A military expert told me what threat to the US missile train "Barguzin"


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A military expert told me what threat to the US missile train

While there is no official statement of the defense Ministry, should not attach importance to any information on the new BRICK. So the expert of information-analytical magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland" Alex Leonov commented some media reports about suspension of work on the creation of a new combat railway missile system (BRIK). In addition, a military expert told me what threat to the US missile train "Barguzin".

Recently, several Russian news media, citing sources in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, said that work on the creation of BRICK "Barguzin" will be suspended indefinitely. However, they reported that the defense Ministry does not plan to completely abandon this project.

"In 2012, opened R & d (research and development work) to develop a new BRIC.

In 2016, was held throwing test products, and as we know, any R & d ends state tests. At this point, it turns out, the complex will be adopted or not. Now, the state tests were not conducted, therefore, to say that work on BRICK suspended or even closed prematurely. No one will stop R & d in the middle.

So until the official statement of the Ministry of defense, all the information on the new BRICK is untrue", — said Alexey Leonov correspondent Federal news Agency.

the Recall battle railway missile system (bzhrk, or the Ghost train) is a type of strategic missile systems rolling stock rail-based. The product is a specially designed train, in wagons which are Intercontinental ballistic missiles and command posts.

"Before we had BRICK "well Done." One train carried three ballistic missiles, there were only 12 trains, respectively, the total number of missiles 36. It was the heavy missiles, but even in those days, American intelligence was very difficult to find them. Under start-II trains were destroyed, the last "Good" cut in 2007.

However, in 2009, the strategic missile forces command said that BRICK must be renewed, which was done," says a military analyst.

According to Lenkova, BRICK "Barguzin" is made in the same form factor as "Good", however, it consists of five ballistic missiles "YARS". The total weight of the complete stacking is 60 tons, which corresponds to the standards of a railroad car.

"It is for this reason external signs to detect trains will be minimal. And considering the branching of our Railways, the United States will not be able to track "Barguzin" because it will merge with the General traffic flow, which will go on our Railways. Besides, we are not obliged to notify the Americans, where the composition will be in one time or another.

Such agreements we have with them", — the expert continues.

it is Assumed that missile trains, as in the case of "well Done", supposed to be 12, therefore, the total number of missiles will be 60 units. It is also worth noting that the missiles are not subject to the Treaty on the non-proliferation of missiles and medium-range and not subject to the start-III.

"For Washington it will be a complete surprise. For the enemy main is the flight time of the missiles and the detection of its start. Typically, this involved a satellite constellation, aimed at launch sites, located in our silo-based missiles.

But if missiles start from different places — from submarines or from this BRICK, the reaction time is late, and it is like death", — concluded the expert.

the Commander of the strategic missile forces Sergei Karakayev in 2015, said that in 2017 the President of Russia should be a report on the prospects for the deployment of rail-mobile missile systems.


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