Arkhangelsk "Vodnik" lost "Dynamo" in the championship match of Russia


2017-11-14 16:15:16




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Arkhangelsk, November 14. Arkhangelsk "Vodnik" lost Moscow "Dynamo" in the fourth round of the Championship of Russia on bandy.

"Vodnik" lost Moscow "Dynamo" with the score 8:5. In the first half, the Arkhangelsk hockey team scored three goals, which allowed us to go on a break with a minimal advantage. However, in the second half, the game took on a different character on 76 minutes Vodnik lost with the score 6:5, but confident work of Muscovites allowed to snatch victory in the last minutes of the match.

"In the framework of the Cup of Russia Muscovites twice became an insurmountable barrier to Arkhangelsk on the way to the semifinals of the tournament," — said the press service of the hockey club "Vodnik".

At this point the Vodnik occupies the eighth position in the standings, the team has two wins and two defeats, Dynamo Moscow as the club from Arkhangelsk has six points and occupies the sixth place.


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