"Manchester United" is willing to sell Rooney to the Chinese for a record amount


2017-01-29 15:30:09




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London, January 29. Management of football club "Manchester United" is considering an offer from an unnamed Chinese FC about the sale of great Britain striker Wayne Rooney. The Chinese side is willing to pay the player a record amount. Reported by the Mirror.

Chinese club, whose name was not disclosed, is ready to offer Rooney contract for a total amount of £140 million According to the newspaper, has agreed with the offer and the coach of "Manchester United" Jose Mourinho, and the owners of the football club.

If the deal goes through, it will make Rooney the highest paid player in the world.

While the title is a former colleague of Rooney at Manchester United Carlos Tevez. For playing "Shanghai Shenhua", he earns about £650 million in a week.


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