The Turkish player has "helped" the goalkeeper to score the most curious own goal of the year


2017-01-27 08:00:15




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The Turkish player has

Ankara, January 27. the Goalkeeper of the Turkish team, "Gaziantep", along with his team-mates was the author of one of the most curious autogrow: celebrating repulsed from the penalty spot, the players rolled the ball into his own net.

the German football magazine 11FREUNDE, has posted a video which captures the moment of the first game of the Turkish League. The record shows, as the shot is masterfully catches the ball, launched from the penalty spot, and fixes it.

At this moment, to him greetings ran a joyful defender of "Gaziantep" Yunus Emre Yilmaz. Embracing the goalkeeper, he accidentally knocked from his hands on the ball, which slowly rolled over the goal line.

Referee counted it scored an own goal.


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