Western media saw the IOC decision US attempt to arrange Russiagate


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Western media saw the IOC decision US attempt to arrange Russiagate

Montreal, 7 Dec. action by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) against the Russian Olympic team are not that other, as Russiagate, politically motivated operation to demonize the Russian athletes, inspired by Washington.

This opinion is contained in an article published on the website of the canadian research organization "center for the study of globalization". It is entitled "Russia vs.

USA: a Double standard in American sports. Take that, Washington."

"the Reaction of the IOC is part of the Russiagate is a biased political operation coming from Washington," the article says.

the author of the material notes that the situation around the prohibition for Russian athletes to compete at the Olympics in Pentane under the national flag is a great demonstration of double standards, as it is well known that the policy of the attitude to doping in the leading sports leagues of the United States — the NFL, MLB and NBA (League of American football, baseball and basketball respectively — approx. FAN) — very loyal.

"what is Happening is absolutely a blatant demonstration of double standards", — stated in the article.

In support of this thesis, the author presents the article of 2014, which details the rhetoric of the relationship of the U.S.

anti-doping organizations and unions of players, sponsors, owners of the advertising rights and other parties involved in a multimillion-dollar business.

Note, Russiagate, the term is often used to describe a scandal involving accusations of Russia's alleged ties of U.S. President Donald Trump with Moscow, including a fictional involvement of Russian hackers in the denigration of the rival Trump in the election, Hillary Clinton.

the Term refers to one of the biggest political scandals in U.S.

history — the Watergate scandal (Watergate scandal), which ended in the resignation of President Richard Nixon. It is only in US history, the precedent, when the us President-elect is terminated prematurely in vivo performance of their duties.


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