Guard Richard Gere threw Baskov with lopyrevoy in Moscow


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Guard Richard Gere threw Baskov with lopyrevoy in Moscow

Moscow, November 15. Gala dinner in honor of the upcoming international gospremii Bravo has not done without incidents: protection Hollywood star Richard Gere, clearing the way for his ward, literally tossed out of the track "Golden voice of Russia" Nikolay Baskov.

In may 2018 at the Bolshoi theater will host the international music awards Bravo. On Tuesday, Moscow hosted a gala dinner in honor of the upcoming event. Among the guest stars for the announcement of one of the nominations was a famous Hollywood actor Richard Gere.

As reported , the appearance of the stars of the movie "Pretty woman" was not without embarrassment.

While the singer Nikolai Baskov with his "bride" of Victoria and lopyrevoy told reporters about the joys of life together, they ran up huge growth and the guard literally threw a couple off the road. At this time, the path had to pass gear along with his young companion.

Basque was taken aback, but promised reporters in the hall to kiss kinodelo Sophia Loren also invited to the event.

But here came the mistake, the newspaper writes. The guard made a table with celebrities Peter podpuschu to them no one even close.


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