Veterinarians-killers: animal welfare activists warned of a fake veterinary clinic in the Urals


2017-11-14 16:45:09




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Veterinarians-killers: animal welfare activists warned of a fake veterinary clinic in the Urals

Geneva, November 14. Yekaterinburg animal welfare activists are sounding the alarm and warn of fake - "veterinary clinic" which operates in the city for several months.

According to one of the activists, the "clinic" has a beautiful website that listed a false address. Details (TIN, PSRN, and others), according to the girl, copied from the St. Petersburg company "a Dog's life" ("Barcelona"). "Photo of the doctor with the dog at all taken from German site", — said Anastasia .

listed on the site phone to call Manager who is willing to send a "specialist" on the house.

Animal rights activist claims that in Moscow the network of such clinics already killed a lot of animals: "When uneducated people come to your home and inject not understand that under the guise of drugs". Surgical intervention, according to her, they hold on to immobilize the drugs, which leads to painful shock to the animal. Also, offer installation services with the video.

One of the local residents told the portal that after contacting the organization, was killed by her dog – ten year old German shepherd named Ron. When the woman found out that many of the data of the veterinary clinic Linden, began to spread in social networks of the announcement and warning to other pet owners.

Shortly she got a call from the "clinic".

"They always check the quality of service: in the summer, when I called them the first time, asked if there are any complaints to the doctor, everything is arranged", — said the woman.

In response to the question, how is a pet, she replied: "Sorry, the dog that I lost! We have a written complaint". "They started fighting, I said, "If the doctor talked to me, I would have said nothing, but I lost a family member," — said the indignant woman.

the Journalists have checked all the data presented on the website so-called clinic. The address indeed turned out to be false. Manager, answer the phone 237-24-14, explains that to come to the clinic - not because it has a veterinary assistance only in-home.

the Situation was commented by the Director of the veterinary clinic "Neovit" Krivonogova Anna. It is strongly recommended that in no one case do not use the services of these "Vets" because under its view there are scammers who even are not always qualified professionals.

in addition, she emphasized that the departure of such "experts" without credentials to the house is at all punishable acts, namely illegal business, "if they are not making legal person, or at least IP."


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