The creators of "Game of thrones" will confuse hackers multiple choice final


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The creators of

Moscow, September 14. the creators of the series "Game of thrones" will remove several versions of this ending, to confuse viewers and hackers and prevent leaks in the Network of the key plot twists. This was stated by the program Director of the HBO Casey Bloyce.

"I know that the ending of "Game of thrones" is going to make several versions so that no one could know what will happen. This is necessary to do a long show, because when you take something people know.

So they're going to make several versions to the exact answer was not until the very end," writes British edition the Independent.

the Shooting about practicing scenes in "Game of thrones" is not the first time, reports. As told in the role of Jon snow kit Harrington, he filmed a similar scene 15 times.

Add the seventh season "" exceeded one billion illegal downloads to 3 September 2017. According to the company Muso, on average, one episode was watched 31 million viewers.


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