Chubby zero and worthless scullion: Sobchak and Urgant met in "GQ battle"


2017-09-14 11:15:13




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Chubby zero and worthless scullion: Sobchak and Urgant met in

Moscow, September 14. TV Presenter Ksenia Sobchak at the traditional prize of GQ magazine named Ivan Urgant "zero fat-faced" and "incompetent cook" in response to his critical attack against the stars of show business.

Leading the ceremony Sobchak and Urgant decided to try on the role of members of the popular rap battles. First started It, ridiculed the guests of the evening.

"a Gray mass, whose purpose in life — the little pictures at the end of the journal. Where it is necessary to consider who embraces. Their looks only editor to himself when love is involved.

Yeah fuck you. And your outfits are stupid. Cocktail of contempt drops to finish. I better walk in Krylatskoe than for the 17th time in GQ.

Round!", — he turned to the audience.

Sobchak did not stay aside and chose a target his partner. She called the stars "a mediocre cook from "Relish" raping the audience with their jokes.

"You're not leading the number one, you fat-faced zero. Round!", — found the answer leading.


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