The roundabout will be beautified in Sevastopol


2017-09-14 09:15:11




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The roundabout will be beautified in Sevastopol

September 14. New flower beds on the roundabout roads will be opened in Sevastopol in the spring of 2018. The city authorities began work on the improvement of the Central flower beds and areas adjacent to the roadway.

According to the Deputy Governor Vladimir Bazarov, on St. Nicholas square a new interchange where the roundabout is organized and fully replaced by the contact line for urban electric transport.

Therefore, he said, should not be wasteland, but beautiful and manicured flower beds.

now go work on the design of the four largest beds on the interchanges St.

Nicholas square, Antique Avenue, square 50-letiya SSSR, as well as Fiolentovskoe shosse.

In total, the landscaping is allocated 2 million roubles.


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