The Deputy from "Parnassus" bought a tie 18+ for Hiking in the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg


2017-09-14 09:00:04




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The Deputy from

St. Petersburg, September 14. the request of the speaker of the Petersburg Parliament Vyacheslav Makarov not to let the building of the legislative Assembly men without ties was met with great outrage in the first place of the deputies themselves, which now are unable to break the visitors, who appeared without an official uniform. Of course, could not do without a humorous reaction — so, municipal Deputy from the "Parnassus" Daniel Ken bought for Hiking in the legislative Assembly, the tie is very frivolous content.

Tie sold in "sudden Internet auction" Facebook famous St. Petersburg environmentalist Alexander Karpov.

The initial cost of the lot tie, which depicts a pale blue pigs, having sex in different positions, amounted to 500 rubles. In just a few hours the price has increased seven times, and the tie was sold to Daniel Ken for 3510 roubles. The money will be transferred to the aid Fund for detainees in St. Petersburg

"Now you can go at zacks with all my respects to the speaker Makarov," announced Daniel Ken on his page on Facebook.


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