Social experiment "I am not the only one" held in Chelyabinsk


2017-09-14 04:00:04




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Social experiment

Chelyabinsk, September 14. the Residents of Chelyabinsk, unknowingly, became the heroes of the movie on assistance to children-orphans "I am not alone."

As the press service of the regional government, the action took place in one of the most popular city shopping centres, where they were mounted installation in the form of the phrase "I one."

Curious citizens stopped near her to understand the meaning of written, and later appeared children who were holding the particle "not". Everything was shot on a hidden camera.

"We wanted to show with this project that can help the child much easier than we think. To solve this we have decided through a simple metaphor — the call of the child on assistance for such a simple task as installing the missing letters in the inscription" — said the head of the Studio Ruvision Alex Levin.


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