The 1973 film "Westworld" will show the square in Vladivostok Yul Brynner


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The 1973 film

Vladivostok, September 13. In the ongoing in Vladivostok film festival "Pacific Meridian" in the open area in the Park Yul Brynner will be showing the 1973 film "Westworld". The organizer of the show made the regional Museum named after Arseniev.

the film screening will take place on 14 September at 21:00. The painting will be presented by the son of the famous actor, in whose honor was named the square, Rock Brynner.

the Museum will provide for display equipment and wicker chairs – it has become a tradition of the festival.

This square has passed display of the movie "the Brothers Karamazov", "the King and I", "the Magnificent seven".

the film is set in an amusement Park where robots rich visitors can live out their dreams of life in America in the era of the Wild West. Visitors can shoot at robots, however, the program that supports the operation of the Park happens to be a failure, and the visitors become hostages of the rebels machines.


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