Visitors of "Zaryadye" in two days destroyed about 10 thousand plants in the Park


2017-09-13 23:00:04




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Visitors of

Moscow, September 13. During the first two days of the Moscow Zaryadye Park visitors have destroyed about 10 thousand are planted on-site plants. It is reported by the head of Department of gardening and environmental work "Zaryadye" Igor Sharafutdinov.

According to him, visitors partially trampled lawns and some plants dug up and carried away or tossed. The worst affected area of the Northern landscape, which destroyed about one-third of green cover.

Safiullin reminded that according to the rules of the Park to relax on the grass only in special places and not everywhere.

Among the victims from visitors to the plants were listed in the Red book, such as marsh marigold, writes .

due to the huge flow of visitors, the protection of "the Charge" is unable to prevent vandalism of the site. In the near future, the Park administration will take steps to remedy the damage.


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