The star of "Gravity" talked about spectacular moments, and computer graphics in the film


2017-01-27 04:15:08




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The star of

Moscow, January 27. the film "Gravity" will be better than any of its trailers. About this starring Alexander Petrov has told "".

According to the actor, in the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk enough bright moments and computer graphics. So "Attraction" is not the case when all the most spectacular shots are inserted into the trailer.

"I Can with confidence say that "Attraction" will be better than any of its trailers.

This is not the case, where the roller inserted the brightest fragments and computer graphics, and the rest of the film - so-so", — assured Alexander Petrov.

the Actor also noted that, despite the fantastic component is present in the film "a very truthful and even a documentary" social history, and the story is rooted in the love and relationships between people.


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