Scientists call the ideal size male penis


2017-01-29 14:30:11




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Scientists call the ideal size male penis

Washington, January 29. A group of scientists from different countries of the world have found the ideal size of the male penis.

Experts have conducted an extensive survey, during which the girls told the specialists about their preferences regarding the model size of the male sexual organ. Participants were asked to determine the length and diameter of the penis, which correspond to the ideal settings.

It is reported that researchers have created a 3D model, taking into account the information received.

as a result, the team has determined the ideal size of the male member. It turned out that a large part of the fair sex believes that the ideal penis size is 16.3 cm in length, and its diameter is 4 cm.

However, the girls noted that the owner of the ideal size of a member will not always be a successful lover because sometimes size does not matter.


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