USA is a country of migrants: following Rihanna on Trump against other stars


2017-01-29 14:30:04




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USA is a country of migrants: following Rihanna on trump against other stars

Washington, January 29. American singer Rihanna was one of many who criticized the policy of U.S. President Donald Trump against migrants.

earlier, a famous singer in his microblog on Twitter wrote that is a disgusting law (against migrants). In addition, Rihanna called the billionaire "immoral pig."

the Controversial singer Miley Cyrus published a picture with the caption "Support workers". American documentary filmmaker Michael Moore also stood up for the migrants.

According to the 62-year-old filmmaker, he and tens of millions of other people are very sorry for such a policy Trump.

the Founder of network Facebook mark Zuckerberg also commented on the new order of Republican. He wrote that his grandparents from Germany, Austria and Poland. Parents his wife Priscilla from China and Vietnam. He also noted that the United States is a country of migrants.

"How many of you, I am concerned about the impact of the recent decree signed by Trump," wrote Zuckerberg.

earlier, entered into force the decree of Trump, which toughens entry into the United States for migrants.


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