Network about who called Trump a "pig" Rihanna: Views "singing cowards" was not asked


2017-01-29 12:30:05




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Network about who called trump a

Washington, January 29. American singer Rihanna criticized the policy of Donald Trump and called him "immoral pig."

netizens have confused from the messages that were R&B singer Rihanna in the address of the President of the United States Donald Trump.

So, one user wrote: "Tomorrow's going to apologize, like Madonna, and smear snot. In General, in place of Trump, would send her back to Barbados".

Another user said that Rihanna should think about their appearance and songs, "Always half-naked negritoski-a Canary with a huge "complex shapes" and the intelligence level stools. Angry!".

Another user potrollit singer: "At what point, the media became an important opinion-singing cowards?".

earlier, the 28-year-old actress criticized the US President for a decree on toughening of migration policy of the country.


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