Fog and snowfall paralyzed the airport of Sochi


2017-01-29 12:15:10




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Fog and snowfall paralyzed the airport of Sochi

Sochi, January 29. the Fog and the snowfall paralyzed the Sochi international airport. Several flights have already been sent to an alternate airfield in Mineralnye Vody.

According to the representative of the management company "Basel Aero", now the airport works on actual weather, the improvement is expected only after 15.00. He also said that the alternate aerodrome in Mineral Water were sent two flights from Moscow: ГЛ1025 (Domodedovo) N4229 (from Sheremetyevo), as well as the flight from Novosibirsk ФВ5645.

"One flight: СУ1138 from Moscow ("Sheremetyevo") sent to Anapa," — said the Agency interlocutor .

In Sochi airport and at arrival airports with passengers are representatives of the airlines. In addition, the status of their flights passengers can check on the online scoreboard air Harbor, as well as in our help center: 8-800-301-19-91.

Improved weather conditions around the airport of Sochi forecasters promise to 15.00 Moscow time.
As previously reported , on the night of January 29 the air temperature in the city dropped to -3 degrees, the snow started falling. In addition, rescuers announced a warning because of the fog.


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