The defense Ministry showed military dogs-winners of international tournaments


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The defense Ministry showed military dogs-winners of international tournaments

Moscow, January 27. the Ministry of defence of Russia has published on his official page in social networks photos of the dog, which was the winner of the contest "a True friend" in the International army games.

within the International army games, the tournament was held among the military dog handlers, the first place which went to China. Representatives of Russia and Kazakhstan climbed to the second step of the podium, as received from the judges an equal number of points. Bronze went to the team from Belarus.

Social media users expressed their admiration for the talented dog.

"Handsome! Bravo to the winner!" — wrote in the comments Elena Melnikova. Other users supported her and advised to reward the dog with a tasty bone.

In history there are many examples in the harsh conditions of war, dogs helped people and saved lives. One of the most famous dogs is'bars, who served during the Second World war in mine detecting. During the war he found more than seven thousand pounds, for which he was awarded the medal for military merit.

Just the Great Patriotic war in the ranks of the army of the Soviet Union were more than 70 thousand dogs.

They were sent for reconnaissance and carrying messages across the front line, they were looking for mines and transported the weapons to the soldiers, who were surrounded by the enemy, among them were even the nurses.

the Most honored dog of the Second world war called dog Chips, who attributed to us the third platoon of the military police. Along with the American soldiers he passed North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany. In Sicily he was wounded several times. For faithful service he was awarded a Silver Star for bravery and a Purple heart.

In 90-e was released in the U.S., the film "Chips — the war dog".

In November 2015 in France hosted a series of bombings, which killed 130 people. Then in the suburbs of the French capital, the police conducted a special operation to capture terrorists. The militants resisted the security forces and shot and killed seven year old Belgian shepherd Diesel.

Russian police in memory of Diesel, I decided to give French colleagues puppy Dobrynya, who will be trained to work in an elite unit. At the end of last year that a puppy from Russia declared unfit for service — he found a hereditary anomaly of the hind feet.

Despite this, the French police are not going to part with the dog, who has become their friend, and consider him the mascot of the unit.


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