Scientists: night snacking guarantee memory problems


2017-01-29 07:15:05




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Scientists: night snacking guarantee memory problems

Washington, January 29. A group of American researchers studying the functioning of the human body in terms of jet lag, they came to the conclusion that people that do not sleep at night and look in the fridge, and acquire not only extra pounds, but a bad memory.

And it's not just about reducing the ability to memorize information, but to what is called memory lapses.

according to the explanations to scientific insights, the human body is dependent on the planetary and cosmic rhythms, and coordinates the work of the various organs of the body with solar activity and time of day.

As proved by scientists, if at the time when the brain needs to relax, to force him to give the command to process food, it just "fails" and separate areas of the brain that are responsible for the human biorhythms, "freeze".This will manifest such disastrous phenomena as lapses in memory.


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