The passion of the Dagestani in the Moscow city court: the case of the head of the Kizlyar district want to destroy


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The passion of the Dagestani in the Moscow city court: the case of the head of the Kizlyar district want to destroy

Moscow trial of the former head of the Kizlyar district of Dagestan Andrei Vinogradov. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency attended the meeting of the Moscow city court.

Smuggling, theft and murder

looks Like the man who served two years in the SIZO "Lefortovo"? Usually looks like. Clean-shaven, dressed in jeans planted on the bench behind the glass. And he sits there in the court room as in an aquarium.

Quietly tugging a handkerchief and meekly glancing outside. If he had always meekly behaved — prices used it was not.

Andrey Vinogradov, who was born November 5, 1982 in the town of Mineralnye Vody, graduated from St. Petersburg engineering economic University, specialty "jurisprudence". Ironically, it was Mr.

Vinogradov and adorned with their presence the same "aquarium" in Moscow city court.

FAN already talked about the phenomenal history of Dagestan OPG under the "patronage" Sagid Murtazaliyev, who was the head of the Republican branch of the Pension Fund of Russia, and Andrey Vinogradov.

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Recall that this group operating in Dagestan since 2003 and 2015, is suspected of involvement in a "bouquet" of crimes involving the unlawful taking of budget funds, the smuggling of sturgeon, stealing oil from the main oil pipelines, racketeering, kidnapping, and killing people.

sagid Murtazaliyev, who became famous as a freestyle wrestler, who became an honored master of sports of Russia and the champion of the Olympic games 2000 in Sydney, had, in Dagestan, a truly fantastic effect. He could all. Against him could not do anything. A long time Murtazaliyev, which in criminal circles nicknamed "Hungry", and his "right hand" Vinogradov, according to the investigation, were engaged in illegal activities without any interference.

One had the feeling that this couple is just untouchable.

the Dagestani law enforcement and the local judicial system could not or did not want to do even when the involvement of gang members "Hungry" to the crimes was visible, that is, to the naked eye.

This is well evident in the investigation in Dagestan murder of chief of operational gas service Kizlyar district of the Cossack ataman Peter Statsenko and Deputy head of the centre for combating extremism Sevket Kodjaeva, as well as the attempted assassination of the Vice-mayor of Kizlyar Basil Naumochkin. Despite the fact that the involvement of high-profile crimes Murtazalieva and Vinogradov in the Kizlyar district is not gossip just lazy, both helper continued to walk.

the Situation has not changed and when the asset Dagestani law-enforcers got information according to which Murtazaliyev to eliminate Chugaeva and Naumochkin involved representatives of illegal armed groups with which contact and transfer of remuneration according to investigators, was carried out by Vinogradov.

the End of an era integrity

Feeling the invulnerability of the "boss", Vinogradov himself acted more shamelessly.

As reported by the portal "Caucasian knot" on March 18, 2012 guards Vinogradova quarreled with the owner of a private market in Kizlyar, the Deputy of regional meeting Magomed Gamzatov. The quarrel resulted in the massacre of a firearm. Magomed Gamzatov, his brothers, Osman, Yusuf and Guideby and nephew of Magomed Omarov was killed.

the answer to the question who was behind this bloody massacre, the residents of Kizlyar was a no-brainer.

Relatives of the victims blocked the Federal highway Rostov-on-don–Baku with the demand to dismiss the head of the Kizlyar district. After this, under pressure of evidence and public outcry in the situation were forced to intervene the President of Dagestan, was removed Vinogradova from the leadership of the district.

But then, apparently, was involved an "insurance policy" Vinogradov, which were communication and the influence of his "patron". Lawyers Sapiyat Magomedova and Musa Susanowo, as defenders of interests of victims, began to threaten with physical violence. According to the public organization "Mothers of Dagestan for human rights" of the victim through third parties began to offer large sums of money — up to 20 million rubles, so they abandoned legal action.

Magomedov demanded to provide state protection to victims and their lawyers.

But that didn't lessen the pressure against the witnesses. As a result, those giving preliminary investigation of the evidence against the guards Vinogradov and their master, and later began to massively change their testimony or simply refused to speak at trial.

the Case began to fall apart. Very soon Vinogradov solemnly returned to the office of the head of the Kizlyar district.

What was the end point of the era intact and Vinogradova Murtazalieva? Perhaps, to single out any one event that broke the patience of the Federal center, it is impossible. Most likely, we are dealing with the consequences of the effect of transition of quantity in quality.

One way or another, but by mid-summer 2015 in Moscow realized that the Dagestan justice before Murtazaliev and Vinogradov powerless. Then the game entered the staff of the tssn FSB.

In Kizlyar has announced a counter-terrorism operation. In the night from 26 to 27 July 2015, despite attempts of resistance from the personal security Vinogradov and began nominating her for help (!) employees of the Kizlyar ROVD, the house Vinogradov was stormed "the feds". The hapless bodyguards neutralized.

The police disarmed. Vinogradov was detained.

In the subsequent search of the house Vinogradov found a few machines with the downed rooms and a Dragunov sniper rifle. With the dawn of the detained head of the district, "to avoid surprises" on the part of his associates, evacuated by helicopter to Mozdok.

at the same time under cover of armored vehicles began a search in the residence of Murtazalieva. However, the Almighty head of the Republican branch of the FIU managed to escape "treatment" in the United Arab Emirates, which makes "Dating" with employees tssn FSB escaped.

on 10 September 2015, the Basmanny district court of Moscow in absentia sanctioned the arrest of Murtazalieva, but still the UAE refused to extradite the "hunger" in Russia.

There is reason to believe that in Dubai to address the future fate of "Chuck" are awaiting the outcome of the trial of Vinogradov. In case of conviction the last Murtazaliev has a good chance, albeit with a noticeable delay, to appear in Moscow in the dock.

"to Soak you."

speaking of Moscow. As consideration in Dagestan, the case Murtazalieva–Vinogradov proved impossible, it was decided to postpone the trial of the last to the Russian capital.

From the moment of detention of the former head of the Kizlyar district has been almost two years, but the lawsuit continues. Emerge new facts of illegal activities "right hand" Murtazalieva.

In particular, recently the Investigative Committee of Russia managed to attract Vinogradova to criminal liability in connection with the attempt on the life of inspector Abdulzahra Abdulkaderova.

Here's how, according to investigators, voiced in the courtroom, looked story that happened in the distant January 2004. Then sagid Murtazaliyev was a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan, Andrey Vinogradov worked as his driver-bodyguard. That is, at the time, Vinogradov to the chair of the district head was still as the moon, and he tried to curry favor with "Chuck" by any means necessary.

how it all began? With the closure of one of the city markets has caused a mixed reaction among the residents of Kizlyar, especially among those on the private market worked. Rumors about the upcoming unauthorized rally.

Given the difficult situation in the city, the consequences of holding such a meeting could be unpredictable. police Officers serving in emergency mode to ensure the protection of public order, and received a categorical order not to let the building of the city administration no vehicles.

on 4 January with the street Proletarian have a motorcade of two cars VAZ-21099 and a jeep. Despite the ban, the motorcade tried to drive to the administration. The color black cars, tinted Windows and no license plates indicated that the tuple belongs Murtazaliyev.

I think, the MP felt more than confident.

In the end, is not something that ordinary citizens, even the police used to disperse his way under the cries of "Go! Go!". But this time everything turned out differently.

the path of the motorcade was the inspector on Affairs of minors of Abdulgafarov, carrying out function of protection of a public order. That is acting in the role of inspector patrulno-sentry duty. According to available information, further events developed as follows.

in the performance of official duties of Abdulkaderov blocked the road to the motorcade.

Then the jeep bumper pushed the inspector from the roadway. Despite this, Abdulkaderov launched a new attempt to stop the motorcade — faced followed the jeep "ninety ninth". When she tried to repeat.

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