Is it bad: Basques explained that was a "gift" on the controversial Kuban's wedding


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Is it bad: Basques explained that was a

Moscow, July 17. Singer Nikolai Baskov said that was a "gift from friends" at the wedding of the daughter of the judge of the Krasnodar regional court. Elena herself Hahaleva, he said, did not pay him a fee.

Commenting on media reports that this triumph cost of two million dollars, singer said that the wedding was paid for by the bride's father. "Secondly, I personally was a gift from friends.

I did not have any financial relationship with the judge the most," he explained in comments .

He also admitted that his friends also organized a birthday party for him when he "does not have that kind of money walk". "Is it bad?" — said the singer.

As reported earlier, the portal , the celebration on the occasion of the marriage of the daughter of the current judges of the Krasnodar regional court Elena Kahalewai became one of the most talked about weddings in social networks. The newlyweds performed their first dance, while on stage singing Valeriy Meladze, who wanted to be photographed with Joseph Kobzon and led holiday Nikolai Baskov.

Celebrated the marriage on the ground Galich Hall on June 10.


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