Breaking news 28 Jan


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Breaking news 28 Jan

a member of the ENSEMBLE "Veras", people's artist of Belarus Alexander Tikhanovich died after a long illness. This was reported in the social networks of his daughter Anastasia.

In the Internet appeared the video from the station "Youth" of the Moscow metro, where the woman with the child fell on the rails.

the EMERCOM of Russia was taken to a Moscow hospital injured when falling on the rails in the Moscow metro a woman with a child.

Employees of the Russian Embassy in the UK wrote verses in explanation of the visit of Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may and U.S. President Donald Trump.

the Panel of arbitrators of the world trade organization (WTO) ruled on the suit of the European Union to the Russian Federation in the case of light commercial vehicles.

the Most likely cause of death of the first head of the Luhansk national Republic (LNR) was a heart attack.

a Group composed of scientists from different countries, in order to understand why aliens kidnap people, came to an unexpected conclusion.

the Basic version of causes of accident of the airplane Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry, which crashed in the Black sea 25 Dec 2016 is a mistake of the crew.

British scientists during the next years of research reported their results about the benefits of drinking coffee.

member of the ensemble "Veras" Alexander Tikhanovich died in the night on Saturday.


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