Protest without microphones and posters in Petersburg hosted a rally against the transfer of Isaac ROC


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Protest without microphones and posters in Petersburg hosted a rally against the transfer of Isaac ROC

the Inhabitants of St. Petersburg did not agree with the decision of the Governor on the transfer of the Museum-Church of St. Isaac's Cathedral in gratuitous using of Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), came out to protest on field of Mars. An official meeting was not agreed with the city authorities, therefore, about two thousand people gathered in the format of the meeting with the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, the correspondent of Federal news Agency event.

the city residents angered by city plans to convey the symbol of St.

Petersburg Church, refused to hold the rally because of another application. On the same day and hour supporters of the transfer of the Cathedral, the "National liberation movement" (GCD), agreed to a meeting. The organizers of the protest movement did not transfer the action to another time and basically insisted on a selected day. In the end, on one side the Eternal flame at the Champ de Mars stood, a few dozen people with the flags and posters of NOD.

On the other — hundreds of opponents of the transfer of Saint Isaac's Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church. Law enforcement officials counted from 1,500 to 5,000 people standing with no microphones, no flags, no banners and no banners. Uses the first symbols — blue ribbons on clothes and backpacks. Of course, some pickets under their responsibility to show handwritten posters.

However, in General, we can say that in the campus Martius gathered not the protesters, not rabid militant crowd, and the people who came to Petersburg intelligent, but firmly and strongly to speak out against what they don't like.

the people's Assembly held the day after the celebration of the day of full liberation of Leningrad from the blockade, and people in the crowd angrily say they feel like they again have to retake your city. On the field of Mars is not the question about faith and Christianity among the protesters of St. Petersburg a number of Orthodox, and each speaker stresses that this action is not against religion, it is an act against the violation of the architectural heritage of St. Petersburg.

St. Isaac's Cathedral is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site by UNESCO, the status of the Museum is protected at the Federal level. Opponents of the transfer of the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church concerned about, mainly the fact that the Church intends to terminate the major museums, which now leads the Cathedral.

With the transition to the new status of St. Isaac's Cathedral will be on the balance of the city, and knowing the condition of many of the city's monuments, St.

Petersburg doubt that the most complicated from the architectural point of view a masterpiece of Montferrand receives in the future adequate care.

"We would be happy if the diocese was ready to take on such a huge burden responsible, but we fear it will be too much, — said the representative of the movement "Orthodox in defense of the Museum in St. Isaac's Cathedral" Mikhail Medvedev. — This Cathedral is more than a place of prayer. It is a place of preservation of the world culture".

the Opponents of the transfer of Isaac to use other legitimate methods of struggle for the building of the Cathedral.

January 13, the city hosted the first people's Assembly with the participation of several hundred citizens. On the Internet running a petition signed by more than 200 thousand people. Twenty-Petersburg residents, including community activists and members of the legislative Assembly, filed in the Central district administrative court the claim about the illegality of the transfer of the Cathedral. The court refused to accept the claim without explanation and clarification reasons.

As previously reported, the Federal news Agency, the decision to transfer the Cathedral, the Governor of the city Georgy Poltavchenko accepted after the personal letters of the Patriarch Cyril (that is an individual decision to dispose of the property and the cultural heritage of the whole city and outraged St. Petersburg). Joined the discussion the President of the Union of museums of Russia, the General Director of the Hermitage Michael Piotrovsky. , He personally appealed to the Patriarch Cyril with a proposal temporarily to withdraw the petition of the St.

Petersburg diocese on the transfer of the Cathedral and "look for more wise decision." He pointed to the fact that the issue has caused controversy in the community, provoked the public conflicts and painful clashes of opinions.

In response, the diocesan Department for relations between Church and society said he would stand his ground and "leave St. Isaac's Cathedral in the status, first of all, the Museum and a little temple is a sacrilege and a continuation of the traditions of atheism". Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church called all opponents of the transfer of the Cathedral of atheists, although it is worth repeating that today on the field of Mars gathered including believers, who consider St. Isaac's Cathedral a symbol of St.

Petersburg, Russian and world culture. They insist on respectful treatment of him and opinion of the residents of the city, which belongs to the architectural monument.

according to the intentions of activists, the campaign of civil resistance at this public gathering will not end: in preparing the parliamentary hearings and discussion. The procedure starts with the preparation of the national referendum. Federal news Agency will monitor the developments.


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