Scientists told how as eyes to identify seven serious diseases


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Scientists told how as eyes to identify seven serious diseases

Moscow, January 28. State of the eye and some pretty common symptoms can indicate a serious condition, scientists warn.

the Feeling that everything "floats", you may say that a person has problems with the blood flow to the eyes and brain. It can also serve as an indicator of stroke.

Bulging eyes indicate thyroid problems, to resolve which medication or surgical intervention.

a veil before the eyes, as well as problems seeing in the dark can develop in the setting of diabetes. If symptoms start, you may develop diabetic retinopathy — breaks the small blood vessels in the eyes.

the Appearance of turbid ring around the cornea is indicative of high level of cholesterol in the blood, and drooping eyelids — about myasthenia gravis, which weakens the immune system and muscular system. Yellowing of the whites of the eyes indicates a problem with the liver.

eyelid Twitching is also a symptom that makes you worry. Twitching can occur from stress, abuse coffee, etc., but if it is accompanied by stuttering, enuresis, or difficulty walking, this could be multiple sclerosis, according to the electronic newspaper .


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