Forever Leningrad: St Petersburg celebrated 73 years of lifting the siege


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Forever Leningrad: St Petersburg celebrated 73 years of lifting the siege

St. Petersburg, 27 Jan. In St. Petersburg, colorful fireworks ended one of the major holidays that is not celebrated in any other city of Russia.

Day of complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade, celebrated in the city-hero of the morning the official ceremonies, the laying of flowers, youth flash mobs, poetry readings and other events. Highlights of this day captured in the photo correspondents, Federal news Agency.

the Traditional event, which grew out of the youth fit and beautiful gesture "Candle of memory" has become an annual event with the participation of residents of all ages. On the square in front of the Anichkov Palace came hundreds of citizens, each with a candle in his hand. When the Palace lights went out, everyone lights a spark in the memory of the unquenchable fire of life that helped our grandparents survive the excruciating 872 day siege.

Hundreds of tiny lights connected today with eternal flames, burning across the country in memory of those who gave their lives for the preservation of our Russian land, our beautiful Leningrad-Petersburg. Under the sound of the metronome, the heartbeat of the besieged city held a minute of silence at the Anichkov Palace.

After the action "Candle of memory" was followed by the famous "siege of the hole" on the river Fontanka, where people came for water, exhausted by hunger and cold Leningrad. Some froze forever right there at the ice hole. The memorial sign on the waterfront, people brought candles and flowers, red carnations fell on the ice of the Fontanka, to the same place.

The siege of the hole was both a source of water, a place to meet and exchange news, about to leave the house and not to stand still without movement.

At the same time, within the walls of St. Isaac's Cathedral was held a free concert performed by the concert choir of St. Petersburg under the baton of Vladimir Begletsova. Recorded in the folk memory of the word war songs repeated all the hundreds of people who filled the Cathedral.

Piping "Cranes" favorite "Katyusha", and of course, "Oh, Ladoga, Ladoga native" — the Leningrad song that stood all veterans. The whole huge concert hall, which was turned on this hour St. Isaac's Cathedral, was quiet, when under the dome was sounded by the honored artist of Russia Vitaly Gordienko and reminded of the immortal words of Anna Akhmatova, the siege of the muses Olga Bergholz.

the Majestic walls of St. Isaac's Cathedral in the years of blockade has sheltered not only people, but also Museum exhibits, treasures of Russian culture, which had managed to save from the bombing and destruction.

Under its secure vaults hid hundreds of boxes with unique items from the collections of suburban palaces-museums of Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Gatchina and Oranienbaum, many things from the Museum of history of Leningrad and the Summer Palace of Peter I — all the things that could not be sent to the rear.

The Golden dome of the Cathedral was a good landmark for Nazi pilots, so he was painted over with gray paint, the Windows were filled with shields and sand bags. A lot of shells during the war years tested the Titanic the creation of Montferrand, but today, it only resembles a commemorative plaque.

In honor of the day of liberation of Leningrad from the blockade on the spit of Vasilievsky island lit the lights of the Rostral columns, which are now shining through triumphantly descended on the city of fog. With the festival, the city-hero!


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