Petersburg the siege of reading poetry Muse of Olga Bergholz and puts the hashtag "900 days"


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Petersburg the siege of reading poetry Muse of Olga Bergholz and puts the hashtag

Saint Petersburg continues to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the blockade. Has a name, which in this day is remembered with special honor — Olga Bergholz, the siege, the Muse, whose fierce, poignant, and truthful poems. The most precisely matched the lines of the siege of the hero city all Friday, January 27, read from the stage at the House of radio. The first readers were artists Nicholas Boers and Ivan Krasko, the performances of which were observed by the correspondent of the Federal news Agency.

In the radio House on Malaya Sadovaya, Olga Bergholz came in the first days of the war and asked where and what could be useful.

It took a literary-drama edition of the Leningrad radio and soon her voice became freezing every dark house of the besieged city and became another Leningrad, sometimes, when one after another melted away from starvation the last tenants. "A personal enemy of Hitler" — the title awarded by the German poet, found out whose it was the voice of the shrew supports Leningrad, not wanting to give up and die in the besieged city. Granite rock Piskarevsky memorial cemetery, where lie 470 thousand of Leningrad and the defenders of the city, carved its lines — it was hard to find a more family and definitely fall into the heart of poetry about the blockade.

In the House radio Bergholz worked almost every day: the radio broadcasts later became the book "Says Leningrad". 73 years later at the same address Petersburgers read her immortal poems that still continue to chill everyone familiar with the story of the besieged city.

On stage in front of radio House after Ivan Krasko and Nikolai Burov, who knew Bergholz personally, up ordinary citizens.

And I quote, "Leningrad poem", "the February diary" excerpts from the poem-Requiem "in memory of defenders", all of the most beloved, poignant and unforgettable. Near the scene of a graffiti with the portrait of besieged muses that the St. Petersburg artists painted this morning. It is possible to write your "thank you", and at the same time to take pictures with the huge inscription "900 days".

Online today day # hashtag "#900дней", and one of the most popular photo — area Bergholz Home radio.

to come to the microphone and read her poems all day on January 27 to 21.00. The poetry of Olga Bergholz was also announced today during a free concert at St. Isaac's Cathedral performed by the honoured artist of Russia Vitaly Gordienko. The memorial evening of the poet will be held in the Museum-apartment of the Block.


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