Going to Syria landing ship "Caesar Kunikov" entered the Mediterranean sea


2017-01-26 23:45:23




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Going to Syria landing ship

Moscow, January 27. Large landing ship (BDK) black sea fleet "Caesar Kunikov", bound with a cargo to Syria, on Thursday proceeded through the Straits into the Mediterranean sea.

the Istanbul media reports that the ship is headed for the Syrian port of Tartus, where the point of logistics Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea. They say that the ship gives a strong draft of what the media have concluded that the vessel is heavily loaded.

As reported , from January 1, 2017 with cargo to Syria through the Straits proceeded for four BBC Russian Navy. Earlier in January, went BDK Baltic fleet "Queens", "Alexander Shabalin", BDK black sea fleet "Nicholas fil'chenkov", and also auxiliary ships of the Navy.


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