Police told new details of save the girl from drowning cars


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Police told new details of save the girl from drowning cars

Moscow, January 27. the Inspector of traffic police Alexey Konyaev, dense in the icy Moscow river to rescue the girl from a sinking car, told new details of her rescue. To pull out of the unfortunate lady, according to him, he could only at the second attempt. While Konyaev said that the operation was helped by all: "and the drivers helped and our citizens."

About the incident on the Rostov embankment, police said in a video address, published on the official website of the MIA.

That evening, he in the crew patrolled the area at the Savinskaya embankment. Near the house No. 3 they saw a group of people on the sidewalk near the parapet of the Moscow river. In the fence was missing three flights.

"Came to see what was the matter, and saw the sinking car Subaru, in which someone "fumbling", — said the inspector.

According to him, the first thought was that the car can be children. "It was decided to go and try to rescue the survivors. Organized all — and the drivers helped and our citizens. Together with the other driver came down through the broken glass at the second attempt I pulled.

It was a woman," he added.

Konyaev also said that immediately to get her out failed, but all the while he held her head, not allowing me to choke. "Once again tried with the driver together to get through the glass, badly drawn, and thank God, failed attempt, got the woman, and with the help of the drivers that are upstairs happily lifted her up," concluded the inspector of traffic police.

As reported , assistant Konyaev was a native of Kabardino-Balkaria Murat Shomakhov. The chief of a capital Central Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs the General-the major Oleg Baranov had already taken the initiative to reward the man.


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